Friday, September 30, 2016

CEINAV Final Event in Portugal

The CEINAV Final Event in Portugal, named “Social Justice and Cultural Dialogue in Intervention Against Violence” took place in Porto, in the Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education of the University of Porto, on June 29-30, 2016.
Liz Kelly and Maria José Magalhães
Prof. Carol Hagemann-White opened the first day with a conference about the transnational and intercultural research conducted in the CEINAV project. During the first day, two different panels focused on the CEINAV results concerning intervention in child abuse and neglect and in domestic violence. These two panels were facilitated by Prof. Rita Lopez and Prof. Maria José Magalhães, respectively. In each panel, professionals from organizations that intervene in these issues commented on the CEINAV results. At the end of the first day, a first draft of the Anthology of Stories was presented as well as a trailer for the animation film “Sendas” by Dr. Raquel Felgueiras, the Portuguese Team Artist-researcher.
Carol Hagemann-White and Maria José Magalhães
On the second day, Prof. Liz Kelly presented the transnational foundations for ethical practice in interventions against violence. This talk was followed by a panel on interventions against trafficking for sexual exploitation conducted by Dr. Vera Silva. Prof. Maria José Magalhães then presented on postcolonial feminism and intersectionality in interventions against violence. Finally, Dr. Raquel Felgueiras concluded the event with a presentation on the visual narratives that stemmed from the creative workshops that she and Prof. Angélica Lima Cruz conducted with survivors of violence.
The presentations during the two-day final event lead to interesting discussions and debates between participants, professionals and researchers. The general feedback was that the overall event was relevant and thought-provoking. Participants and professionals mentioned that there is a need for more opportunities to discuss intervention practices against violence and its intersection with cultural issues. The professionals mentioned that they appreciate opportunities to share their experiences and talk about the dilemmas they face in their daily practices regarding these issues. 
For more information about the conference and access to some of the presentations click here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

HERA closing event in Prague

The CEINAV leading team (project leader prof. Carol Hagemann White and principal investigators prof. Liz Kelly, prof. Maria Jose Magalhaes, prof. Vlasta Jalusic and dr. Thomas Meysen) participated at the HERA closing event in Prague (15-16 September 2016).
left to right: Thomas Meysen, Liz Kelly, Vlasta Jalusic, Carol
Hagemann-White, Maria Jose Magalhaes
 In a session on "the spoken word" we read stories from the anthology  ("Experiences of Intervention Against Violence. An Anthology of Stories. Cultural Encounters in Intervention Against Violence, Vol II) which will be published soon. Participants found it very moving.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Final presentation of the CEINAV project in Slovenia

The final presentation of the CEINAV project in Slovenia happened on Wednesday, 31st August 2016 at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana. The event was opened with general overview of the project – its phases, methodology and activities – by dr. Lana Zdravković, followed by the presentation of the document “Transnational Foundation for Guidelines for Ethical Practice in Interventions against Interpersonal Violence”, with the emphasis on the issue of voices of the survivors, and elaboration of the ethical dilemmas in interventions – especially minority cases – by dr. Vlasta Jalušič.
The introduction was followed by the premiere screening of the documentary film “Everything I Told Them” (the first public screening of the film in Slovenia), after which the public applauded and expressed their satisfaction.
 Jasna Podreka, Katarina Vučko, Vlasta Jalušič, Mojca Dobnikar, Katja Zabukovec Kerin, Dragan Petrovec
The second part of the closing event continued with the panel “Violence in the Private Sphere and Ethic of Intervention”, conceptualized and moderated by dr. Vlasta Jalušič. Participants were: Katja Zabukovec Kerin, Association for non-violent communication; dr. Jasna Podreka, Faculty of Arts; Katarina Vučko, The Peace Institute; Mojca Dobnikar, the founder of the first SOS telephone for women and children; and dr. Dragan Petrovec, Institute of criminology at the Faculty of Law. They all addressed particular issues from their expertise and work and opened a further debate on our findings, particularly in the EU and Slovenian context.  
Approximately 30 people attended the event. Wider public, students, scholars and some professionals who previously took active part in the project's workshops were present as well. Unfortunately, no survivors (victims of various types of violence considered within the research) attended the event due to other obligations. The great majority of the participants were very interested and impressed with the results of the research. A small group questioned why CEINAV did not study violence against men as well; the researchers explained this by reference to the Istanbul Convention.