Monday, January 27, 2014

Who you gonna call?

For our planned workshops it is very important to invite just the right practitioners. They should have a significant deal of experience and should have come across the situations we will ask about. But maybe they should not be in the job for too long either. They will have to be experienced enough so everybody lets each other talk and respects each other, but if they are too experienced younger practitioners might feel intimidated. We want them to discuss cases, so they better have a comparable background framework in order not to start discussing protocols and procedures instead. On the other hand they should not work in the same networks or even city, because that would stop them from opening up regarding actions that might be against protocol. And there are still more reasons, why we have to pick our participants very carefully. Also we need the contacts, networks and experience of our associate partners for this. Last friday the Osnabrück team met with one of our associate partners in Göttingen, discussed who to invite and developed a first draft of a case story.

Bianca Grafe

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