Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Networking on trafficking for sexual exploitation

Trafficking of human beings is a difficult field of intervention and very recent in Portugal (RCM nº 81/2007), where most of the known victims are for labour exploitation, therefore research struggles with many obstacles. In order to develop the CEINAV work the Portuguese team has a new associate partner: APF (Portuguese Family Planning Association - http://www.apf.pt/apf.php?lg=pt ; http://www.apf.pt/apf.php?lg=uk ). This NGO is specialized in intervention in the field of trafficking of human beings and runs a shelter for women victims. Besides this NGO, CEINAV also keeps networking with CIG (Portuguese Commission For Citizenship and Gender Equality) where Manuel Albano acts as the National Rapporteur for trafficking.    

To deepen some issues around trafficking for sexual exploitation, CEINAV met in Porto with CIG and APF, in the 8th of April, and discussed the following topics: assisted return, difficulties in the assignment of the victim status, access to health care by illegal immigrants and the difficulties in finding volunteers to be interviewed by the CEINAV project.     

This meeting is part of a networking process which is highly relevant to an epistemological position linking research and practice in the field of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.


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