Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1st Visual Culture Encounter, Coimbra, 11th November, 2015

 The 1st Visual Culture Encounter dedicated to the topic “The share of the visible: gazing politics” took place on the 11th of November. The event was held at the University of Coimbra, at “Casa das Caldeiras” and was organized by a recently formed Working Group on Visual Culture from the Portuguese Communication Association (PCA). 

In the communication “Visual Narratives: the expression of intervention by women and youngsters victims of violence”, the CEINAV team presented the analysis of the visual narratives produced in a participatory art process. The presentation covered the following topics: introduction, methodology, ethical considerations, creative project's structure, results analysis and conclusion. The visual narratives analysis allowed us to identify three main categories: confinement, liberation and resignation. Image and interpretation were combined for a better understanding of the research that CEINAV is conducting.

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